NAC LPT LLC (NAC LPT) is a new subsidiary of NAC International Inc. (NAC), a leading provider of nuclear materials packaging and transportation solutions to the nuclear industry. NAC LPT recently acquired the transportation assets of the former SECUR LPT, a world-class provider of nuclear and hazardous material logistics, packaging, and technical services for commercial and government environmental remediation projects.

NAC LPT (for Logistics, Packaging and Technical services) expands NAC’s capabilities beyond packaging and transportation of high-activity nuclear waste and spent fuel, by adding a wider array of equipment and experience in logistics, packaging and technical services for hazardous and low-level radioactive waste materials.

NAC’s combined engineering, licensing, and packaging experience, together with the waste management coordination and logistics experience of NAC LPT, will ensure seamless collaboration to meet customer demands in support of dismantling, decommissioning, and remediation projects regardless of waste types and class.

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NAC LPT offers best-in-class service and equipment to environmental remediation, waste management and hazardous materials industries by providing rail, truck and marine transportation, packaging products, intermodal containers and technical services to properly manage, contain and ship waste and hazardous materials generated from many source types, including: decommissioning, site closures, remediation projects, municipal generation or manufacturing production process.

Our involvement in all facets of the waste management, remediation, waste packaging and waste transportation and logistics industries gives us unique expertise and perspective for the management, transport, and disposal of a broad range of wastes.

Products and Services

LOGISTICS — Hazardous and Radioactive Waste Transportation and Logistical Solutions

At NAC LPT, we are experts in managing rail, truck, marine, and intermodal transportation systems for shipping wastes and materials. Our team’s in-depth knowledge of the radioactive, hazardous and non-hazardous waste industries and the materials they generate—combined with our expertise in logistics and waste packaging systems—allows us to blend the most appropriate packaging and transportation resources on a project-specific basis.

marine rail truckThe NAC LPT team’s experience goes back over two decades with hands-on work remediating, managing and transporting millions of tons of waste materials from many types of industry and government facilities and projects, pioneering optimized solutions using rail and intermodal transportation services, innovative packaging options and transfer facilities for wastes of many types.

In addition to the origin site requirements, we understand both the logistical supply chain as well as the operations and capabilities of the destination receiving facility. We have experience with providing container and bulk material handling and off-loading systems for origin and receiving facilities, which enables intermodal shipments to be received by non-rail-served facilities.

We also perform transport and project management. Having operated a fleet of railcars and waste intermodal containers, we know what it takes to manage and support your project and our NAC LPT project review and design protocol will ensure you are using the best solution available. 
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PACKAGING — Waste Containers, Packaging & Equipment Solutions

NAC LPT supplies the containers, packaging, and rail transport equipment necessary for your projects, thereby providing you with more options to achieve your goals. We have a growing fleet of new, purpose-built, intermodal bulk waste shipping containers available for use. We lease and sell many types and sizes of containers and packaging products, including intermodal waste containers, cargo containers, flexible packaging, and specialized or custom-built waste containers for radioactive, hazardous, and non-hazardous waste materials. As part of the NAC International family we also have access to a wider range of Type B packages for the transportation of LLW (low-level waste) and high-activity waste streams including GTCC (greater than class C) and HLW (high-level waste).

NAC LPT can provide the following packaging solutions:
  • Intermodal Containers and Logistical Solutions for Bulk Solid Material
    • Intermodal containers of various types, sizes, and configurations.
    • IP-1 certified intermodal container with one-piece, removable hard lid.
    • IP-1 certified intermodal roll-off container with rolling hard lid.
    • Open-top intermodal containers with tarp top.
  • Customized shipping containers that are designed and built for the project’s requirements so they can be shipped compliantly and disposed with their contents.
  • Custom-manufactured metal packages for large objects and over-dimensional shipments by truck, rail, or marine transport.
  • Standard and custom-configured ISO cargo containers for waste packaging, storage, shipment, and disposal.
  • Rail Flatcars for Transport of Intermodal Containers for Bulk Solid Materials
  • Gondola Railcar Transport Solutions for Bulk Materials
  • Logistical Packaging Solutions for Liquid Materials
  • Heavy Duty Flatcar Solutions for Cargo Shipments
  • Gondola Low-Sided Railcar Solutions for Cargo Shipments
  • Type A/7A packaging
  • Type B packaging for Intermediate Level Wastes, TRU Waste, LLW Type B & C and GTCC wastes. This includes NAC products such as the OPTIMUS® packaging family.

TECHNICAL — Consulting & Technical Services Solutions

NAC LPT, with the support of NAC, can now offer unparalleled experience in designing, licensing and implementing packaging, as well as material handling, logistical solutions and technical services that support your project goals. Too often, a project’s packaging and transport functions are considered after developing the remediation or decommissioning plans.

By using the NAC LPT planning process, augmented with NAC’s engineering and licensing capabilities, we can integrate those functions in early and execute them in conjunction with the plan. In many cases, this has accelerated project goals while lowering costs and improving safety.

NAC LPT provides innovative project-specific technical support through our Technical Service Group. Our team of professionals is an integral part of the NAC LPT total solution package. With our experience and expertise, we have saved both government and industry millions of dollars while accelerating projects and improving project safety.

We deliver technical services personnel, when needed, to your site to support your needs effectively. Our capabilities allow us to provide many types of value-added services for your projects. Our objective is to provide successful project completion with maximum effectiveness and minimal cost. We can provide various levels of project support to meet your specific requirements or to enhance your existing in-house capabilities on an “as needed” basis.

NAC LPT provides the following technical services:
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  • Transportation Engineering
  • Technical services for shipping over-dimensional and overweight cargo and machinery
  • Analysis and Development of Alternative Packaging Solutions
  • Rail Facilities and Rail Line Evaluation
  • Technical Plan Development and Implementation
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Health and Safety Plans
  • Broker Services
  • Assessment Services

To determine which of NAC LPT’s services will meet your requirements, contact us for a no-obligation consultation and discover how we can put our experience to work for you.